In this time of climate chaos, social unrest, and growing division in the political spectrum; new ways of being must be born, modeled, and shared, and they must be grounded in Indigenous Knowledge, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, and a deep reverence for our Mother Earth.

For thousands of years, our ancestors lived here well.  In traditional times, our ancestors lived in homes made from local materials and lived in harmony with the seasons and all our relations. They understood that balance leads to a high quality of life, and as descendants, we must maintain this way of life.

The time is now to turn back to those ways while embracing the new ecological technologies that will enable our modern communities to live in harmony with Mother Earth and each other.

Carrying carcinogenic material and pollutants through irreplaceable watersheds and aquifers is dangerous. The Texas Railroad Commission oversees oil and gas pipelines but does nothing to regulate routing or the environmental impact. Even natural gas pipelines carry insidious carcinogens and often leak. Given the carcinogens that natural gas condensate and liquids carry, the harm to Texas’ drinking water will be irreparable. In the worst-case scenario, pipeline explosions — which certainly happen — take the lives of anyone in the blast zone.

We cannot allow our children’s future to be sacrificed for corporate gain.  The time to transition to a fossil fuel free energy system is now. We can not sit idly by and watch the expansion of the fossil fuel industry at a time when we need a massive expansion of the renewable energy sector.

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